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Ohri’s 100 Degrees

Ohri’s 100 Degrees

The Scene:
A view in the late night of the lights of the Tank Bund street flickering in the waters of the Hussain Sagar in all the rainbow hues can be extremely engaging in reality (unless, for reasons unknown, you are in the waters and are making a decent attempt to get out). 100 Degrees of Ohri is displayed as a waterfront eatery ignoring this sight, yet there are around 8 tables that offer you this ringside see out of an aggregate of around 25, and on a weekend, there’s a 45-minute hold up, as the impartial woman at the gathering advises you, er, impartially.

The genuinely substantial sizzler and conti joint has the vast majority of its floor space on the opposite side of this view, keeping in mind Ohri being Ohri loans character to this part too with quieted lighting, an arch formed low cobblestone roof and a somewhat upsetting tight portion of water in the center, it’s not what you came seeking after – a lakeside supper. The place is additionally excessively swarmed for any sort of sentimental trip that the setting may rouse, particularly on weekends. Ideally the birthday you need to celebrate is Monday to Friday, business hours.

The Food:
The slogan is “sizzlers and more…”, and they don’t baffle. There are more than 30 sizzlers on the menu, and you can make your own, as well (with decision of 2 backups, 1 sauce and 1 bread). A sizzler bolsters one, and costs Rs. 200 – Rs. 275. There’s BBQ Veg Sizzler, Mushroom Delight, Paneer Shaslik Sizzler, Lamb Shaslik Sizzler, Grilled Pomfret Sizzler and Shanghai Chicken Sizzler in a wide assortment.

100 Degrees is not just about sizzlers, however. There are standard soups and servings of mixed greens (Rs. 80 – Rs. 130), twelve hors d’oeuvres, Indian platters (6 veg and 6 non-veg, that accompany a kebab-of-the-day, Dal Makhani, serving of mixed greens, papad and decision of Indian breads, and cost Rs. 225 – Rs. 295), universal platters (4 veg and 6 non-veg, Rs. 200 – Rs. 245, more for fish), pasta (6 assortments for Rs. 195 – Rs. 275), 14 pizzas (Rs. 195 – Rs. 300) and twelve treats (for the most part mainland stuff, Rs. 55 – Rs. 105).

While the sustenance tastes essentially the way it if, it’s likewise, as should be obvious, costly – a supper for two grown-ups can wrench out a bill of Rs. 600 – Rs. 800 effortlessly, and on the off chance that you check too numerous things from the super-expand drinks menu, as well, you ideally are not officially tipsy.

The Verdict:
100 Degrees could have been an appropriate sentimental supper excursion, however dissimilar to a Zafraan Laguna, puts too numerous other individuals inside of earshot

SM Modi Complex, Karbala Maidan, 5-4-187/5, Rani Gunj, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003
Phone:040 6633 6644

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