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Paradise Food Court

Paradise Food Court


food culture is extremely rich, and includes Mughlai, Turkish and Arabic influences, among others. Due to its geographical location, Hyderabad is a prime destination to survey the flavours of South India, the culinary focus of many of the city’s best restaurants; but there’s no shortage of kitchens taking excursions into the North’s cooking, either.

Part of a series of Indian restaurants, Hyderabad’s   offers a fun and engaging dining experience. A dinner here starts with a pre-fixed menu of five barbecued starters, which are the real draw of all Barbeque Nation’s outlets. Each table is equipped with a grill that guests can use to keep their starters warm or glaze with the accompanying marinades and sauces. All tables also have a little flag: the alert service keeps the starters coming until the flag is up. If you wish to take a break or proceed to the main courses, signal this by folding the flag down. The extensive spread of dishes offered at Barbeque Nation is influenced by international cuisine, but deeply founded on India’s national fare

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