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Paradise Restaurant

Paradise Restaurant

The Place:
Welcome to the home of legitimate Hyderabadi cooking, a historic point that loaned its name to the area. This is the place the Paradise adventure started in 1953. A most loved with big names and normal people alike, our leader Restaurant is seemingly the biggest eat in diner in the nation. The Ground Floor houses the Paradise Café, Bakery and Takeaway and alternate floors, the terrific eateries including the Open Air Garden Restaurant.

Visitors throng the Restaurant to appreciate the finest Hyderabadi cooking with loved ones keeping the buzz alive for the duration of the day. Oozing history in each corner, the spot conjures unique recollections for incalculable visitors. Eat in at our Secunderabad Restaurant and appreciate a meeting with history.

Consistently, individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds come to Paradise to appreciate great nourishment, incredible administration and glad times. With a special mix of convention and development, our Chefs bring the choice culinary wonders from the illustrious courts of Nizams to individuals around the globe. Our mark dishes are praised for their exceptional immaculateness and taste. Come experience eating getting it done.

The authority’s tip:
Do attempt our bona fide Hyderabadi Desserts-Qubani-ka-Meeta(apricot puree) and Double-ka-Meeta (broiled bread pudding).

Do you know?
The Café and the outdoors Restaurant are additionally popular for the Kheema(minced meat curry) and Roti breakfast served from 7 AM to 10 AM regular.

Adjacent Attractions:
Patny Center and ParkLane, the bustling shopping quarters are just a couple paces away. Secunderabad Railway Station and Tank Bund are a short 10-minute drive from the Restaurant.

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Paradise Circle › SD Road, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
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