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Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity Park

Biodiversity park in Hyderabad has been built up amid the Convention on Biological Diversity held in 2012. It was initiated alongside a memorial arch by the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh. It was opened for the general population at Gachibowli since January 19, 2015.The park was set up inside the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation design at an aggregate expense of more than Rs. 2 crores.

The arch:
The memorial arch is a masterful articulation of awesome secret of life on earth and its creation. The Pylon is a 32 feet high circular structure made Etah Gold limestone portraying the development of species, beginning from an iota, advancing to wind up atoms, proteins, different life shapes and the smart person. The base of the arch is made out of concentric circles speaking to nature’s five components – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.The roundabout pathway of dark stone is engraved with names of various species. The flame ring is portrayed by Red stone and yellow limestone. The lower ether delineates World guide with blue sea waters. The highest point of the arch stands the twofold helical DNA.

The recreation center:
The biodiversity park covers a region of 13-section of land and is partitioned into four segments absolutely containing more than 200 distinct types of plants. Each of them is spoken to by an UNO-part nation and planted by a researcher took part in the summit gathering. It is right now taken consideration by the Telangana Forest Department.

Address: Dullapally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500043

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