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Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden

Three years back, the wild on both sides of Road No. 36 in Jubilee Hills was differentiated from the principle street, and a recreation center was imagined. Today, it doesn’t look entirely different – however in the midst of the wild you may recognize an odd individual walking around, wisely keeping away from the uneveness of the ground and the harsh stench from the dividers (with “don’t pass pee” written in striking) encompassing it. For the keeps, the name’s Rainbow Garden.

In spite of the fact that the name of the patio nursery proposes hues and wonder, the visuals that face you are disillusioning. The recreation center is specially crafted for walkers – a thin, established way drives you all through the recreation center when your calories gripe of genocide. What’s more, the plants being raised on either side of this way aren’t excessively infectious – they are as far as anyone knows ‘naturally rich’ species planted by the Urban Forestry Department.

Notwithstanding, I emphasize that the recreation center was detailed for walkers dwelling adjacent, and expecting feel would be undesirable. I ponder – why do they require a recreation center here when every one of the houses in this stinking rich settlement have yards of their own? Not my issue to worry about, and none of yours as well, unless you have resurrected with Che Guevara’s spirit.

Truly, there’s not really anyone who might need to visit this park unless he has a sackful of weed to devour, similar to the scores of shaggy looking “Rastafarians” that visit the spot.

Address: Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500033

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