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Ashtalakshmi Temple

Ashtalakshmi Temple is a well known Hindu sanctuary of Goddesses Ashtalakshmi in Hyderabad, India. This sublime sanctuary committed to Goddess Lakshmi stands unmistakably on the edges of the city. In the midst of quality the shifted Islamic building landmarks in the range, this sanctuary has an alternate style — a touch of south Indian engineering.

Among the Hindu pantheon, the Goddess of riches, Lakshmi, finds a unique spot in the hearts of the general population for she brings success and satisfaction and also salvation. Be that as it may, not very many sanctuary have Goddess Lakshmi in her eight splendorous frames.

Worked under the support of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, the sanctuary was blessed in April 1996. It is one of its kind in the condition of Telangana. This sanctuary is situated between Dilsukh Nagar and LB Nagar, in Vasavi Colony close Kothapet.

The outline and engineering of the Ashtalakshmi sanctuary was acquired from the one at Chennai. In any case, a few adjustments were made while the development was started. The Ashtalakshmi sanctuary is a fine illustration of an aggregate try. Individuals from numerous quarters approached to give generously. It took five years of constant work and an aggregate use of Rs 10 million for the heavenly Ashtalakshmi sanctuary to take its present structure.

The surely understood modeler, Padmashri S.M. Ganapati Sthapathi, and M. Mathiyalagan Sthapathi imagined the structure and plan. Around 134 vigrahams (icons) of lesser-known divine beings embellish the mahagopuram.

Albeit worked of sand and bond, the Ashtalakshmi sanctuary uncovers the striking ability of the craftsmen. Introduced inside are icons of Adilakshmi, Aishwaryalakshmi, Santanalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Gajalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi and Varalakshmi. Delineating these eight stances, the symbols are enhanced with gold and kasula Peru neckband and different pieces of jewelry. On the off chance that one is all applause for the luxuriously ornamented symbols inside the sanctuary, one is similarly agog to see the complicatedly cut outlines on the sanctuary gopuram.

Recommendations are in the offing to build a two-storeyed Kalyana Mandapam at an expense of Rs 15 million and an Archaka nilayam private quarters for the clerics.

The daily brightening of this charming sanctuary is terrific. Seen from a separation, it would appear that it’s produced using marble. What’s more, on drawing nearer the sanctuary passageway, one is enamored by the peacefulness of the surroundings and the all-overrunning sweet scent of the incense.

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